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Current Characters:

  • Varis (Elf Ranger) – An acrobatic show-off with a bow and a checkered past. Rogue-like tendencies. Lots of damage output. Skirmisher who wants lots of space.
  • Adrian (Half-Elf Warlock, Kim)
  • Devonir (Half-Elf Cleric, Tom)
  • Thorfin (Dwarven Fighter, Nick)
  • Zippy (Halfling Rogue, Shane)
  • Fansy Shakasvilli XIII (Human Wizard, Dave)

Characters that left after Season One:

  • Xylph (Half-Elf Warlock, Andy)
  • Kirv (Dragonborn Paladin, Mark)

Not playing this time:

  • Jett (Genasi Warlord) – Nerdy student of military strategy. Does little himself; focuses on giving actions to others (causes Thorfin to have tons of damage output). Can take a front-line beating, with a little healing and controller-ing thrown in.

Jett would be great for covering when players don’t show. However, he’s enough of a generalist that he’ll leave the party without holes when everyone’s there. On a round-to-round basis, he’ll change between roles, doing a fairly good second-string for whatever’s most useful that round (he can be healer, defender, damage controller, and status controller). The only thing he lacks is deep striker, but he can turn Thorfin into that, too (by granting him movement to get in, then extra attacks with bonus damage), and we’ve already got 2 strikers. Thus, with Jett around, we wouldn’t have enough weaknesses, and it’d be too hard to suddenly run us out of resources. We could be ground down, but that doesn’t make good cinema.


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