Jett is a melee Leader. His objective is to work with a front-line defender, doubling that guy’s damage output and number of foes marked. He also does some healing, some tactics, and occasionally even akes a swing at a bad guy himself (when he can’t avoid it). He tanks well – great AC & defenses, and OK hit points. He can do a little bit of a number of things – enough to provide tactical options. His main capability, however, is in geeting the party into position and giving the highest damage dealer a lot of extra attack actions (1/round, nearly every round).


Jett’s always been little and a nerd, getting pushed around by everyone in his neighborhood. That’s why he decided at age 5 that he was going to battle school. He wsa going to become a general, and then he’d have lots of friends and no one could push him around any more. So he started reading. And reading. And talking with old people who had any sort of military background or liked strategic games.

Eventually, he joined the guard (where he got pushed around), and took every training program they had (where he got pushed into the dirt a lot). And he always did very well at strategy and tactics. Eventually he got noticed by someone, and got some formal training. But even after entering elite units, he still got pushed around! And those doing the pushing were now even bigger and stronger.

Eventually, Jett fled his homeland. He’s still looking for someone who’ll back him in a fight, rather than knocking him on his back. He heard about these heros of Brindol when he was in town lately, but just missed them. Having heard the call to defend Overlook, he’s decided to see whether he can catch up with them there.


Always dresses in armor, no matter what. Similarly, refuses to be disarmed. Far away look in his eyes except during combat – he’s thinking about the tactics of the great generals all the time.

Says “um hm. Yeah.” and the like in response to most everything. He’s not paying attention to any social situation until forced to – and then he wants out as fast as possible, so he can get back to his tactical analysis.

Nerd. Tactical master, who thinks that’s all that matters in life – and certainly in combat. Somewhat domineering during combat – wants to tell everyone what to do. Outside combat, spends all of his time regaling people with great strategies from the past (his or those he’s read about). This is, he really is a tactical genius. Those wo follow his commands find themselve in better positions and able to take a lot of free shots at the enemy without reprisals.

    * Str: 16
    * Con: 10
    * Dex: 13
    * Int: 21
    * Wis: 10
    * Cha: 8

Genasi Racial Features:

    * Watersoul 
       (breathe underwater, +2 save vs ongoing damage, Swiftcurrent Encounter Power) 

Warlord Class Features:

    * Combat Leader (+2 Init for me and allies that see and hear me)
    * Tactical Presence 
       (allies using AP who can see me gain +2 to attacks until end of my next turn)
    * Inspiring Word Encounter Power

Trained Skills:

    * Arcana (via feat, below)
    * Athletics
    * Endurance
    * Heal
    * History


    * Arcane Initiate 
       (wizard multiclass; grants training in Arcana & one Encounter Power, below)
    * Ritual Caster
    * Novice Power


    * Enchant Item


    * 1- Wold Pack Tactics
    * 1- Commander's Strike
    * 1- Ray of Frost (Encounter, via Arcane Initiate)
    * 1- Warlord's Favor
    * 1- Lead the Attack
    * 2- Knight's Move
    * 3- Maze of Mirrors (traded out Steel Monsoon w/ Novice Power to get it)


    * My adventurer's kit
        Like normal, but with 50' of silk rope instead of hemp rope
        Everburning torch instead of sunrods
    * Tent
    * 5 Javelins
    * Light Shield
    * Mage's Bastard Sword +1 
       (Property: anyone proficient with simple weapons or dagger is proficient
       with this weapon, Encounter: minor action expend use of Arcane encounter
       power to regain use of any martial encounter power of that level or lower)
    * Cloak of the Chirurgeon +1 
       (Property: +1 item bonus to heal checks Daily: minor action adjacent ally
       regains one healing surge spent today)
    * Veteran's Hide Armor +1 
       (Property: when spend action point, +1 attacks and def to end of next 
       turn. Daily: free action spend AP to regain one daily power)
    * 2 Nails of Sealing
    * 385 Residuum

Desired Magic Items:

Perhaps the most significant would be more items related to Thorfin's attacks.
Iron Armbands of Power on me increase 1/3 or so of my attacks. On him they 
increase 2/3 of my attacks, as well as all of his. Jett would likely "loan" 
a lot of items to others in the party (and command that they wear them - 
domineering, remember?).

    * Level 1 (enchant): Restful Bedroll
    * Level 2 (enchant): Battle Standard of Honor
    * Level 2 (enchant): Reading Spectacles
    * Level 2 (enchant): Hunter's Flint
    * Level 3 (enchant): Arcanist's Glasses
    * Level 3 (enchant): Battle Standard of Healing
    * Level 4 (enchant): Battle Standard of Might
    * Level 6: Iron Armbands of Power +2
    * Level 7: Belt of Sacrifice
    * Level 7: Jar of Steam
    * Level 7: Phantom Soldier
    * Level 8: Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement
    * Level 8: Hide Armor of Exploits
    * Level 9: Shadowflow Shield
    * Level 9: Helm of Battle
    * Level 9: Map of Orienteering
    * Level 10: Chime of Warding
    * Level 11: Healer's Sash
    * Level 12: Gloves of the Healer
    * Level 14: Factotum Helm
    * Level 15: Brooch of Vitality
    * Level 16: Vampiric Gauntlets
    * Level 16: Iron Armbands of Power +4
    * Level 16: Crown of Eyes
    * Level 17: Battle Standard of Shadow
    * Level 18: Battle Standard of Tactics
    * Level 23: Eye of Awareness
    * Level 24: Ritualist's Ring

Maybe, if I decide to use heavy armor in the Paragon tier (these aren't
available in light armors):

    * Meliorating Armor
    * Tactician's Armor


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