We usually play at Jim’s house: 5704 NE 27th Ave. Occasionally, we’ll have a game in central or west Portland in order to give the west-side players a break. The current plan is to do this about once a month.


We play every Tuesday unless otherwise stated. The game starts promptly at 6:30 and stops between 9:00 and 9:30. Please arrive a few minutes early to set up. You can rely on our finishing by 9:30, even if that means stopping in the middle of a combat.

If you have extra time, you’re welcome to stay a little longer. Here’s the full agenda:

  • 5:30 – Doors open. Come visit and play with the kiddles upstairs.
  • 6:00 – Food is served. Head downstairs, have something to eat, start setting up for the game
  • 6:30 – Game starts.
  • 9:30 – Game ends. You’re welcome to stay to chat, help clean up, and socialize.
  • 10:00 – We’ll start nudging you towards the door. :-)


Jim provides entrees and soft drinks when the game is at his house. You’re welcome and encouraged to bring beer, appetizers, dessert, or anything else the group would enjoy. If you’d like to provide the entree, great—just let Jim know so we don’t end up with two entrees. We’ll reimburse you for entrees.

The money for the entrees and soda comes from the Food Fund box, which works on the honor system. Please remember to bring about $7 or $8 with you to restock the Fund. If the money runs low, you can look forward to cabbage for dinner. ;-) If we end up with too much, we’ll refund or do something special with it.

Food choices will vary, with an emphasis towards easy things like sandwiches, burritos, or pizza. If you have an idea for something that’s tasty and easy for Jim to get, please add the info to “Easy Catering Options,” below.


If you are allergic to something, or have a strong dislike, put it here:

  • Nick: No shrooms. Not a big fan of squash. Meat = yum, Corn = yum
  • Kim: No hot (spicy) foods.
  • Neeru: Allergic to hazelnuts and walnuts.
  • Dave: Allergic to nuts and melon. Peanuts okay.
  • Tom: Onions/Peppers are untasty
  • Shane: can’t eat fish/seafood/other swimmy, squirmy, crawly, or aquatic foods

Easy Catering Options

  • Subway: Party Platter, $35 (5700 Martin Luther King Blvd, 503-546-9398)
  • Baja Fresh: Burrito Pack (1505 NE 40th Ave., 503-331-1000)
  • Quizno’s: “Sub Tray” (4029 NE Sandy Blvd, 503-282-4800, untried)

Raw Data These plans are the results of a few surveys. Here’s the raw data:


Where should we play? J – Jim’s house A – Alternate between Jim’s house and central/west side R – Round robin between houses (Use ”+” for preferred answer, “0” if you’ll accept it, ”-” if you don’t want it.)

+0-  (Jim)
00-  (Tom)
0+0  (Shane)
+0-  (Arlo)

Day of Week:

What day of the week should we play? (Uppercase = available; lowercase = partially available; dot = not available)

MTW.F.S  (Jim)
MTW...S  (Tom)
.TWTFSS  (Arlo)
.TWTFSS  (Kim)
mt...SS  (Nick)
MT.....  (Dave)
MT.....  (Shane)

Time of Day:

What time of day should we play? (Plus = preferred time; dot = available time)

++++++++++++++.    (Jim)
  .+++++++++++++.  (Arlo)
 .++++++++++.      (Tom)
    .+++++++++..   (Kim)
   .++++++++       (Nick)
    .++++++++++++  (Dave)
     ++++++++..    (Shane)

    .++++++++.     (Jim, when at client site)
    .+++++++++.    (Kim, when working on west side)


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