Power Card Color Coding

Power cards use the following color coding. (This only applies to the cards Jim supplies. If you make your own cards, you can do whatever you like.)

The color of the plastic sleeve holding the card indicates how frequently the card may be used. In order from least frequent to most frequent, those colors are:

  • Orange – Consumable. May only be used once.
  • Black – Daily. Recharges after an extended rest.
  • Red – Encounter. Recharges after a short rest.
  • Green – At-will. Can be used any number of times.
  • Blue – Situational. Always available, but only applies in certain situations.
  • No sleeve (grey) – Reference. Not needed during combat, or already included in other calculations.

Except for items, cards are the same color as their sleeve. Item cards are orange, but items with powers are in the appropriate-colored sleeve. Most consumable items (such as potions) will be in an Orange sleeve and most magic items will be in a Black sleeve. Non-magical weapons will be in a Green sleeve (because they can be used for an at-will Basic Attack). Other non-magical items, such as armor, will have no sleeve at all.

If an item has multiple powers, then its sleeve is the color of its least frequent ability. For example, a Thundering Dagger has an at-will basic attack, but it also has a daily power, so it has a Black sleeve. Orcweed can be used once per encounter, but it’s consumable, so it has an Orange sleeve.

Power Card Color Coding

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