Season 3

People of Note:

  • Sarshan – Runs a mercenary and weapons for hire gambit out of the Shadowlands.
  • Modra – Sold weapons to the orks for their failed invasion of overlook (season 2). We are chasing him down.
  • Marissa – Witch on her way to a weapons deal. We killed her.
  • Leena – Paid us to kill Modra.

We started the evening by continuing to explore the mercenary camp outside of Sarshan’s keep (Umbraforge). In the course of our investigations we discovered the following:

  • Modra was once one of Sarshan’s most trusted LTs.
  • Modra fled the shadowfell after Sarshan discovered that Modra had completed a weapons deal that Sarshan had turned down.
  • The weapons deal that Sarshan had turned down was to provide weapons for the ork invasion of Overlook. (Season 2) It is common knowledge that Modra supplied these weapons.
  • The Foundry is Sarshan’s crown jewel. He is using it to create a soldier race of monsters and beasts of war.
  • Sarshan has been expanding his operations three-fold of late
  • Umbraforge is only a stepping stone, all weapons and mercs are being sent to the world through portals.
  • Recently a group of Githiank (Angel-type things) came through.

At one point during the investigation, an earthquake shook the ground and a fissure opened up. We fought off several fire creatures that came out of it.

Later that night, we were visted by a Shatter-Kai witch named Leena. She had worked with Modra until he fled. She tells us that Modra is gathering those close to him to invade the Foundry and disrupt Sarshan’s plans. He plans to do this by venting magma through a secret tunnel that connects the Foundry to the Tower. She asks us to stop Modra and kill him quickly, as Sarshan won’t be so lenient. She gives is a time and location to break into the foundry.

We broke into the foundry and discovered Modra and his minions. Battle has begun.

Season 3

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