Season 4

Season 4: The Lost Mines of Karak

While spending some quality time resting up after our trek into the Shadowfell, we are sought out by a messanger of Bram Ironfell, a Dwarf Noble. At a fancy dinner, he tells tale of an ancient mine, lost long ago, that would provide both treasure and materials to help against Sarshan and whatever he has planned (this now being common knowledge to the town elders, thanks to talky-Mc-talks-a-lot Thorfin. _). If we are willing to find the mine (with the help of his map of landmarks), we can keep whatever we can carry.

We set off, and travel to the southern thornwaste, through which we must pass to get to the desert where the Mines of Karak are. While travelling through the thornwaste, we are ambushed by a small band of Dwarfs who want our map. They are obviously not from the Ironfell clan. With the help of Mag, a mysterious nomad who lives in the thornwaste, we defeat them. Mag leads them out of the thornwaste while we continue on.

We reach the edge of the thornwaste, coming to Dunesend, the last outpost before entering the desert. Upon arrival, we see the ‘Warden’ and his critter pal beating up a villager. We move to interfere, and end up fighting the Warden as well as several Satyrs. We interrogate the Satyrs who inform us that this town is under the control of the ‘Queen of the Sand’ Svasha. She rules with an iron fist, and has Satyrs, shifters, and Troglodytes working for her. By coincidence, the Queen is using the mines as a base of operations. (Or so we are led to believe).

We trek through the desert to find the mines, and are ambushed by a shifter and a hag. We whup ‘em fierce.

Futher along through the desert, we approach a long cliff face, embedded within are two guard towers. We decided to climb the cliff face and approach from above. We move back toward where the entrance should be and find a hole in the ground that leads into the foyer of what appears to be the mines. We cheese off some harpies while we are there.

We climb down into the foyer, and are attacked by a Carrion Crawler. We finish it off. We also notice that the foyer walls are filled with arrow-slits. We start exploring, and are ambushed by several troglodytes. They stink hard, but we manage to finish them off.

Season 4

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