Dwarf, Fighter – Ancesral Home Lost (+2 Perception)

Family driven out of ancestral home several hundred years ago (well before Thorfin was born). Surviving elders are being – in Thorfin’s opinion – over cautious about seeking revenge and/or retaking our dwelling. Thorfin is young and brash, by dwarf standards. He’s prideful, and more than willing to get in to a fight, but this is tempered by his desire to live at least long enough to slay those who killed his many of his kindred.

Thorifn is particularly affected by the experience in the keep and mines formerly owned by Class Ironfell (end of Season 4). The particularly affected him.


Thorfin will start training as a Warden in addition to his Fighter training. Over levels 8, 9, and 10 he will focus on training the following powers:

  • Level 8
    • Ability Scores: Strength and Constitution +1
    • Feat: Defender of the Wild
      • Power: Encounter – free action, mark all adjacent enemies.
    • Retrain: Crushing Surge => Cleave
  • Level 9
    • Power: Fighters Recovery
    • Retrain: Steel Serpent Strike => Distracting Spate
  • Level 10
    • Feat: Adept Power (extra retrain Fighter Utility to Warden Utility)
      • Retrain: Fighter’s Recovery => Form of the Steel Sentinel
      • Power: Daily – Form of the Stone Sentinel
      • Power: Encounter – Form of the Stone Sentinel Attack
    • Power: Encounter – Into the Fray

Paragon Path:

  • Dreadnaught Action 11th Level: Gain resist 10 to all damage till SoMNT when spending action point to make an attack.
  • Unfailing Resources 11th Level: Max HP+10, lose 10HP to cancel any status effect that a save can end as a free action
  • Critical Hardening 16th Level: Gain resist 10 to all damage after scoring a critical hit
  • Inexorable Advance (11th, Encounter, Invigorating, Standard): Two Str vs AC attacks, 1W+Str+Con each, shift once before each attack
  • Blood Iron (12th, Daily, Immediate (when bloodied)): Gain resist 5 to all damage till end of encounter
  • Line Breaker Assault (20th, Daily, Reliable, Standard): Str vs Fort, 3W+Str, hit: slide target 1 space and dazed (save ends): effect: gain resist 5 till SoMNT.

Magic Item Wish List:

  • Level 8: (tattoo) Ironheart Tattoo – Property, When you spend a healing surge you gain resistance against the next damage dealt to you equal to the number of healing surges you’ve spent since your last extended rest.
  • Level 9: (feet) Boots of Eagerness – Encounter, free action, take extra move action.
  • Level 10: (waist) Diamond Cincture* – Property, belt holds 1 diamond and you gain +1 item bonus to Fort. At-Will, Healing, Minor Action, When you use this power one diamond on the belt cracks, darkens and is worthless. You regain HP as if you spent a healing surge and item bonus is reduced by 1. After extended rest each diamond is restored.
  • Level 12: (body) Drakescale (or Wyvernscale) Dwarven Armor – Better version of what I already have.
  • Level 12: (arm) Bracers of Mighty Striking – Gain +4 bonus to melee basic attacks (note, I only want this if I already have a Farslayer Weapon).
  • Level 13: (weapon) Farslayer Weapon – At-Will, Std Action, Make a melee basic attack with this weapon against a target up to 5 squares away from you.
  • Level 14: (neck) Mantle of Faith – Daily, Healing, Immediate Reaction, use when you take damage from an attack. Regain HP equal to the damage taken up to twice your healing surge.
  • Level 14: (hand) Gauntlets of Blood – Property, you gain +4 to damage rolls against bloodied enemies.
  • Level 14: (ring) Ring of Invigoration – Daily, Healing, Not an action, When you’re reduced to 0 HP, you can spend a healing surge and regain your surge value in HP.
  • Level 14: (ring) Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords – Property, gain one healing surge. Daily, Imm Interrupt, Use when hit by push, pull, or slide. You negate forced movement. If reached one milestone, get immunity to push, pull and slide (unless you’re willing) till the end of your nex turn.

Thorfin, Level 7

Dwarf, Fighter
Fighter Talents: Two-handed Weapon Talent

Str 18, Con 18, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8.

AC  : 21 
Fort: 20
Ref : 15
Will: 15

HP        : 74 
Bloody    : 37
Surge/Day : 13
Surge Val : 18

Acrobatics    :  4   Insight    :  4
Arcana        :  3   Intimidate :  7
Athletics     : 12   Nature     :  4
Bluff         :  2   Perception :  6
Diplomacy     :  2   Religion   :  3
Dungeoneering :  6   Stealth    :  4
Endurance     : 15   Streetwise :  2
Heal          :  4   Thievery   :  4
History       :  3

1: Powerful Charge
2: Dwarven Weapon Training
4: Toughness
6: Weapon Expertise (Hammer)

1, At-Will:   Crushing Surge
1, At-Will:   Reaping Strike
1, Encounter: Steel Serpent Strike
1, Daily:     Lasting Threat
2, Utility:   Shrewd Repositioning
3, Encounter: Crushing Blow
5, Daily:     Rain of Steel
6, Utility:   Settling the Score
7, Encounter: Come and Get It

   Adventurer's Kit
   Ash (in small pouch)
   Riding Horse

Armor and Weapons
   Dwarven Scale Armor +1
   Ironskin Belt (heroic tier)
   Horned Helm (heroic tier)
   Frost Gauntlets +7
   Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1
   Dread Mordenkrad +2
   Dagger (5)

Magic Items
   Flagon of Ale Procurement (heroic tier)

   Potion of Healing (heroic tier)
   Potion of Healing (heroic tier)
   Potion of Healing (heroic tier)
   Potion of Psychic Resistance (heroic tier)
   Potion of Necrotic Resistance (heroic tier)
   Potion of Fire Resistance (heroic tier)
   Potion of Regeneration (heroic tier)
   Potion of Psychic Resistance (heroic tier)
   Augmeting Whetstone (Level 6)
   Augmeting Whetstone (Level 6)
   Augmeting Whetstone (Level 6)


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